How to help

Help us continue this work

1. Donate.

The following outlines how general donations are used.

a) Mission Thome Church: This fund is used to help develop the ministry of Mission Thome Church.  Joseph, our pastor, is heavily involved in the surrounding communities and is in need of equipment and supplies to help support his work.

b) Medical Clinics:  This fund is used to help purchase medical supplies for surrounding clinics and offer treatments for those who cannot afford the cost of medical care.

c) Mission Thome School:  We now have approximately 200 children attending 5 grades at Mission Thome school (Pre-School, Pre-K, Kindergarten, Year 1, and Year 2).  This fund is used to purchase school and teaching supplies, construction of new classrooms (we must construct one new classroom per year until we have a total of 10 classrooms), and supply children with school uniforms.

d) Feeding Program:  This fund is used to feed the children attending school at Mission Thome.  Before the feeding program was established, over 75% of the children were malnourished.  Now after serving the children a lunch every day for two years, only new children are found to be malnourished as they enroll in the school.

e) Sponsor an Orphan:  There are many children around the community who have been orphaned.  For $40 per month, you can ensure an orphan has a place to stay, has food and clothing, is able to attend school, has medical treatments as needed, and has other necessities covered.

*All donations are tax deductible and 100% of money received goes directly to the work of Mission Thome.  Transactions are reviewed by at least two board members each month and Mission Thome uses an independent auditor at the end of the fiscal year to verify all donations have been used properly.

2. Pray

There are many needs and many things that you can pray about. The people of this area are recovering from a seven year drought that wiped out much of their livestock. Surrounding communities struggle to find clean water. Many schools are not funded and lack basic supplies. Most live day to day and don’t have the resources to better their situation.

3. Mission Trips

Come join us!  It doesn’t matter who you are, or where in the world you’re at we would love to have you! There’s nothing to be substituted for joining us on a trip to Mission Thome to understand life for the people we serve.  Medical and General Mission Trips are scheduled each summer and are open to anyone who would like to attend.  Normally a trip is about ten days and is comprised of six to ten people. We sleep in sleeping bags on small cots in tents or huts. The weather can vary quite a lot, we have encountered flash floods, as well as endured some pretty serious sun burn. We are constantly in awe of the wildlife here zebra, elephant, warthogs, gazelle, and many many more exotic animals are regularly spotted. The local people are always welcoming and very gracious.  Contact us if you would like more information about Mission Trips.

4. Partner with us

We are looking for churches and other organizations to partner with us in this work.  If you you are interested in more information, please contact us.  Thank you!

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