the church

Our Mission:
We exist to rescue people through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our Vision:
Mission Thome is a Christ-centered non profit organisation founded in 2011. We are  dedicated to serving the families of Thome, Kenya and surrounding communities through faith, education, and community development.We are committed to nurturing children in their development and health, empowering adults to be self-sufficient, and transforming lives through God’s love.

Our Goal:
Serve a healthy, self-sufficient, and productive community working to bring the gospel and  grow the body of Christ.


Mission Thome has three aspirations that are currently underway.

Establish a Church

To establish a church that spreads the good news to all who will hear the call of Jesus on their hearts and lives.

Establish a School

To set up a school and assist neighboring schools for education that will help empower the community.

Provide a Clinic

To provide a clinic that serves the people of Thome as well as a mobile clinic to assist those in even more remote areas.